Financial Literacy, Mental Wellness, and Entrepreneurship:

Learn Essential Life Skills as a Teen!

Free, Interactive, Immersive & Gamified Learning

Financial Literacy

Learn the Basics of Budgeting and Saving, Credit, Debt and Paying for College

Mental Wellness

Get better with Time Management, Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence

Business Skills

Master the skills in Entrepreneurship, Stock Market Investing and Economics

Hands-on Budgeting Tool and Budgeting Game

Our Partners & Collaborations

Young Investors Society
EXP Future
Junior Achievement, California


John Harris, Development Manager

The work that TeenInteractive is doing to bring financial literacy to young people in our community is simply amazing. It will be great to get together and share a few ideas.

Matilda Albano, Program Director

As an educator with over 30 years of experience, I have noticed a lack of accessible materials that teach students to be financially responsible. Today, thanks to an impressive team of high school students, free financial literacy resources are available to teachers, parents, and students at I highly recommend that all educators take advantage of this opportunity to fill the learning gaps and prepare teens for college and careers.

Nick Ozuna, Teacher, TX

My students really benefited from TeenInteractive’s interactive and engaging content. Using it as pre-work meant they came to lessons already familiar with the topics, which in turn led to better engagement in class.